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Colonel FR 360


The name "FR 360" is misleading, it only has 120 channels in AM/LSB/USB mode (120 channels in 3 modes add up to 360).

The FR360 is a mobile AM-SSB transceiver with 4 Watt AM and 12 Watt SSB RF output. It can be modified to cover 26.5-30.5 MHz in 10 kHz steps or 26.5-28.5 MHz in 5 kHz steps. 12 Watt AM output is also possible.

The RF output is acceptable over all 3 bands. Modulation is a bit weak in AM but clear in SSB mode.

All in all the FR360 is a fine rig with great potential (if you know how to modify.)

Build quality
User friendliness
Value for money
Mint condition in 1982
EUR 90.00

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