Hy-Gain 9 (2679) reviews

Hy-Gain 9


The Hy-Gain 9 is a 40 that’s FOURTY CH Radio AM only Radio
It was NOT modified that’s the way it comes from the factory
Have many pictures to prove what I’m talking about but your site will not let me post them.

This radio has some great Ideas all the controls are on the microphone so if ur stuck for space all you have to mount is a mic clip, I believe it’s a good prototype.

Some of the bugs were,
mic is huge and of poor quality
Speaker in mic not LOUD enough, has plug for ext spk. (needed)
Not many were made so MODS/Tuning info is non-existent
No parts are avlbl. used odd components so repair is bit of a nightmare.
And the up/down switch is backwards.

The base or Box that most of the electronics are housed in looks rugged,
However the cable that feeds the mic came lose on mine and had to be soldered back in place.

The mic connector is very tough also very unique, but it did come with extension cable.

Build quality
User friendliness
Value for money
Okay condition in 1978
CAD 0.00

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