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president 2510


i have had my president for around 10 years now and it has been one of the best rigs i could've ever invested in .. it cost me $300 used and that is 300 dollars well spent.. i have never had to put it in the shop and have used it both as a mobile unit and a base station... ive run it it both barefoot and with as much as a kilowatt... you will NOT find a better radio.. mine goes from 25.000 up to 29.695... Dont let these over the top ham operators lie to you and tell you its only worth 100 dollars.. they are just jealous that us "cb'ers" can out transmit them on the regular 40 with all the mess and hash and trash without having to use repeaters.. most hammers hate cb'ers cuz they just cant hang with the big boys.. today you cannot find a 2510 in good condition for less than around 350 dollars and if you do you better get it b4 its gone!you will not be disappointed.. the average for this radio is between 400 and 500 bucks..anyone that has heard 1 or used 1 will tell you it has a great sound on both am and sb..everyone wants 1 thats why they are hard to come by.... next time ya hear ole 33 round the love country gimme a shout and ill show just what a 2510 can do and you can hear the superior sound for yourself...33 round the love.. aka the bionic rooster with the million dollar pecker and im gone... all you hammers..your all haters..haters keep hatin we love ya anyway!

Build quality
User friendliness
Value for money
Good condition in 1994
USD 300.00

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