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Yaesu FT-450AT
Mobile HF/VHF Transceiver

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Yaesu ft 450at


I go through radios and like underware, I buy, use ,and trade, and sell its fun, i do it just to check out the radios to see whats what. Ive had some big expensive Icoms, Yaesus and Kenwoods in my hands, The radios ive kept are the yaesu ft-950 and the Yaesu ft-450at.
Now That being said, i must tell you this.
The yaesu ft-450at is one of the finer radios that ever crossed my path, i used it, and kept it.
A few things about this radio in particular.
Number one, lots of guys think this radio is Ugly, well guys it could be better looking, but after using it for 2 weeks or so i came to this conclusion, its a fine radio all around, the RX is absolutly increadable, i can hear stations with no signal and i can work them, ive talked into many countrys with this radio without a glitch, Now check this out, if your swr is not so good it will let you know with a beep, another fine funtion, it has a voice recorder for transmit and receive, an option on high cost radios, The dsp and digital noise reduction really works well, the power output on mine is over 100 watts, OVER!!! the audio can be shaped on tX, The roofing filter is also awsome, sometimes the noise floor is so low you think theres no antenna, but when theres sombody transmitting you really hear them, i use ham radio Deluxe with mine and ill tell you, ive worked more stations with just the radio power than i do with my linear, The radio is Outstanding, Yaesu discontinued the ft450 and replaced it with the new ft 450d.
The only differance is the 450 d has a bigger vfo knob and a tilt stand, i have an aftermarket tilt stand on mine, works great..
Take my advice, If i needed another radio and yaesu was charging 1100 for this radio, i would buy it, Yes its that good, If your looking for a great radio with all the bells and whistles for under 700.00 this is the radio. ive compaired it to a yaesu ft 2000, and a brand new ft 950 and it beats them both.
Once you get by the Uglyness and you actualy work this radio for a week, im sure youll agree its one of the finest radios Yaesu ever produced, and im not a paid spokesperson for Yaesu, but im so satisfied i just have to tell you, and its built like a tank. buy one Youll love it i swear.... Enjoy one of Yaesus finer radio, FT-450. the only bitch i have with the radio is the microphone plug is rj45, i hate that because i cant wire up another mic, but now they make an adapter the goes from rj45 to 8 pin yaesu, so im cool with it, I love it , i love it i love it, Im gonna sell my brand new $1,400 yaesu ft 950 and buy a new ft 450d and ill still have some coin in my pocket.
enjoy, Thanks for reading,

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