Collins R-389/URR reviews

Collins R-389/URR


I have owned this receiver for about 10 months. Upon receiving it I shipped it to Miltronix, Toledo, OH for a complete overhaul. I am a NDB dxer so this receiver is geared at VLF reception. I find that compared to my solid state rigs, this receiver has them beat 9 times out of 10. It is quieter than the solid state radios and the selectivity and sensitivity are outstanding. I am well aware of how rare they are but if you hunt for one they are out there, this one was about 3 miles from my residence in South Jersey, USA. I stumbled across it on Craig's list the day after Thanksgiving last year. I had been searching and searching. A suggestion, when you search for something like this, search for things like "old radio" or "heavy radio" "military radio". This wasn't even listed on the sale ad, The seller had a picture of the "old stuff" and this receiver was located in the background. UNBELIEVEABLE! I caught this one just before it went to the recycle yard.
Would you believe this receiver has a motor drive for tuning. It is geared so low it would take forever to tune from the bottom of band 1 to the top of band 2.

Build quality
User friendliness
Value for money
Fair condition in 2014
USD 500.00

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