Azden PCS-7300H reviews

Good, if it wasn't for that weird Azden programing.


Nice screen layout, good backlit DTMF mic, and excellent audio quality on RX and TX. My rig never did the full 35W output, but just under 20W, from day one. One thing that I did hate was the very cumbersome memory channels for FREQ and PL tones. I always had to grab the book to remind myself how to do that. I have the AZ-61 6M HT and I hate the programming procedure for that as well. I got rid of it since a friend of mine wanted 440MHz, so I sold it to him and bought a couple of Kenwood dualbanders. Way easier to program. If it wasn't for the rediculus programming procedure of Azden, I might have kept that rig.

Build quality
User friendliness
Value for money
Mint condition in 1995
USD 500.00

Review the Azden PCS-7300H