Uniden-Bearcat Washington reviews

Best sounding TX audio in CB's. A classic CB base!


Out of the CB's of this time of the mid-1980's, the Cobra 142GTL, Realistic Navaho TRC-457, etc., that had the same Uniden main motherboard and chassis inside, the Uniden Washington had some of the best specs for it, especially in TX audio at 3KHz. Most CB's stopped at 2.5KHz, and even just 2KHz upper audio. Match this rig with a Silver Eagle D-104 and you know that you were going to be a good talking station. Great ears on this CB for AM and SSB. Clarifier fine-tuning worked on AM as well. If there was an off FREQ spur being received, you could tune it out. Very tight spec on that RF Gain as well. During heavy Sporadic E in summer, you can crank that right out. To make this CB's components last longer, and reduce heat internally, run this rig from EXT +13.8VDC rear input. Just be sure that power supply is rated 4A, or greater. Can nicely work off a gel cell battery during power outs, or taking this rig to a hunting cabin. This rig is still a keeper. And yes, it's a good idea to replace all those under voltage rated electrolytic capacitors that Uniden is well known to do, and this rig will last for years if you do. Also, a very effective ANL / NB in this rig as well.

Build quality
User friendliness
Value for money
Mint condition in 2016
USD 175.00

Review the Uniden-Bearcat Washington