Leixen VV-808U reviews

Leixen VV-808U
Single-band UHF mobile transceiver

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I purchased the VV-808V model (V= VHF, 136-174 mhz). I was initially struck by actually how small the unit was. It mounted easily in the Honda CR-V and connected to an external antenna performed quite well with the 10 Watts (measured with an inexpensive output/swr meter I got readings of around 12 watts out. It isn't a 50 watt mobile but sure beats the Wouxun HT with a mag mount.
There is no English manual but the radio tends to be fairly intuitive. The free downloadable software is in English and of all the various versions of Chinese proprietary software this was by far the most extensive and easy to operate (Chirp excepted).
I had no issues with software drivers and the 50 some frequencies downloaded to the radio in 30 seconds.
Audio reports have been good and unlike the UHF model I have not noticed any cracking or other noise.
Right now the only thing holding back the radio from more extensive use is the lack of readily available domestic suppliers and a huge variation in asking price (mine was under $90US including dtmf mic and programing cable.
Overall well worth the price.

Build quality
User friendliness
Value for money
Mint condition in 2013
USD 90.00

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