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Regency HR-312
Amateur Mobile Transceiver

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very versatile xtal controlled VHF transceiver

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I purchased a HR-312 trcvr at the end of 1976 and it is still in service now 38 years later. It never had any failure, just had to change the dial lights only. It delivers nearly 30 watts of solid RF on 2m band. I have inserted a RF power control to transmit with less power. It has 12 xtal controlled channels. You can use single or cross-band channels by selecting the transmit channel with the rotary switch on the left and the receive channel with the switch on the right. Just an on-off plus volumen control on the left and a squelch on the right. A small slide switch is used to pair or unpair transmitt and receive channels. Mine has all repeater channels (xmit and receive) and I use 3 more single channels. Very easy to open and make internal checkings. It has no hidden or hard-to-reach parts. It is a nice oldie even though it is nowadays an outdated rig.

Build quality
User friendliness
Value for money
Good condition in 1976

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