Swan (Cubic) 700CX reviews

Swan 700cx


Having been the original owner of a swan 500c years ago back in the 1960s, I decided to revisit my youth and pick up another Swan to use as a main rig. However I wanted to upgrade the power a little bit and went with the 700 for the increased output. I found a rig and power supply on the internet, specifically eBay, and bought both at that time. I had them sent over to a repair facility to make sure they were in proper working order had upgrades made to the capacitors, diodes, Etc, proper alignment and then shipped back to me. I am writing this review prior to having actually used the rig, as it is in the repair facility at this time and will remain so for a few more weeks, so as much as possible I will answer questions on the 700 based on my extent of knowledge having used the 500 which is of the same build quality

Build quality
User friendliness
Value for money
Okay condition in 2020
USD 200.00

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