Sailor manuals and documents

We have documentation available for many models. Our database currently spans over 2.6 GB of data. Please use the search option above to find documents for your specific rig.

Name Pub. date File type Uploaded
Document preview Sailor R1119 R1120 Sales Brochure
Sales brochure for the Sailor R1119 and R1120 receivers.
PDF, 5.76 MB 1 month ago
Document preview Sailor R1119,r1120 Valid From Sn.255239 (manual)
Instruction and service manual for the Sailor R1119 and R1120. Covers everything from installation and operation up to schematic diagrams and parts list. 163 pages.
PDF, 27.25 MB 1 month ago
Sailor R2022 Instruction Book
PDF, Unknown size 3 years ago
Document preview Sailor RT144 Instruction Book
Contains general description, technical data (specifications), controls, installation, operations, circuit description, mechanical layouts, service data, trouble-shooting, block diagrams, circuit diagrams, parts list. 60 pages.
PDF, 10.53 MB 1 month ago
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