Elecraft manuals and documents

We have documentation available for many models. Our database currently spans over 4.1 GB of data. Please use the search option above to find documents for your specific rig.

Name Pub. date File type Uploaded
Document preview Elecraft K4 Brochure
2019 PDF, 4.71 MB 9 months ago
Document preview Elecraft KPA1500 Owner's Manual Rev B1
Contains specifications, installation and operation instructions, remote operation, calibration details and interfacing with other transceivers. Revision B1, February 12, 2019, E740301
Feb 2019 PDF, 2.12 MB 8 months ago
Document preview Elecraft KPA1500 Programming Reference Ver-2.34
KPA1500 commands and their responses use the ASCII character set. 53 pages.
Oct 2019 PDF, 605.1 kB 8 months ago
Document preview Elecraft KX3 Owner's Manual (preliminary)
Owner's Manual of the ultra-portable 160-6m, all-mode transceiver. Revision XH, published March 3, 2012.
PDF, Unknown size 8 years ago
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