Xiegu manuals and documents

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Name Pub. date File type Uploaded
Document preview Xiegu X-108G Operating Manual
Outdoor edition, V1.0A, Revision 2015-07
Jul 2015 PDF, 915.7 kB 1 year ago
Document preview Xiegu X1M Manual v.2
English translation of the original Chinese manual by ImportCommunications.com
Jun 2013 PDF, 342.8 kB 1 year ago
Document preview Xiegu X1M User's Guide
This guide is for the X1M HF PRO (Platinum) model QRP transceiver, manufactured by Chonqinq Xiegu Technology Co., Ltd. of China. Written by Frederick A. Lesnick - VE3FAL, Paul W. Ross - W3FIS and Charles O. Vest - W5COV. Revision 3.1.4 – 12/19/13
Dec 2013 PDF, 571.4 kB 1 year ago
Document preview Xiegu X5105 Instruction Manual
2017 PDF, 1.44 MB 1 year ago
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