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Name Pub. date File type Uploaded
Document preview Racal RA-1778 Operators Manual
Containes technical specification, general description, installation and operation instructions, principles of operation, block diagrams, panel layouts, circuit diagrams. 60 pages. Issue 1A.3.79-80.
1980 PDF, 1.37 MB 2 days ago
Document preview AOR AR-22 Owner's Manual
Compact owner's manual outlining the operation and working of the **AOR AR-22**. 4 Pages.
1981 PDF, 62.7 kB 5 days ago
Document preview Collins R-388 URR Instruction Book (Tm 11-854)
Very extensive instruction book for the Collins R-388 military HF-receiver. Contains operating instructions, maintenance instructions, theory of operation, field maintenance instructions, shipment & storage & demolition instructions (to prevent enemy use), parts list and circuit diagrams. 130 pages.
Sep 1951 PDF, 14.90 MB 1 week ago
Document preview Standard HX851 Owner's Manual (English)
Contains general information, accessories, operation instructions, radio, GPS & compass setup, maintenance and technical specifications. 104 pages.
2013 PDF, 2.87 MB 1 week ago
Document preview Regency HR-440 Owner's Manual
Contains technical specifications, installation and operation instructions, crystal installation, alignment, procedure, maintenance information, block diagram, board layouts, parts list, circuit diagram. 48 pages. Part no. 7001-1057-900.
1976 PDF, 2.43 MB 2 weeks ago
Document preview Uniden BEArcat Bc200XLT Service Manual
Service manual for the Uniden BC 200XLT and BC 205XLT hand scanners. Contains technical specifications, alignment procedure, voltage chart, parts list, block diagrams, circuit diagrams, board layouts and wiring diagram. 61 pages. Catalog no. 4A88-3AT 200.
1989 PDF, 2.53 MB 2 weeks ago
Document preview Uniden-Bearcat Bc200XLT Operating Guide
12 pages. Catalog no. UBUD01109ZD(SK)
1989 PDF, 495.0 kB 2 weeks ago
Heathkit HW-32
Assembly and operation manual for the Heathkit HW-32 20m transceiver. Contains technical specifications, circuit description, construction notes, parts list, step-by-step assembly, alignment, installation, circuit diagrams, board layouts, troubleshooting chart and service information. 45 pages.
1963 PDF, 6.64 MB 2 weeks ago
Document preview Ten-Tec Omni V (562) Operator's Manual
Operator's manual for the Ten-Tec Omni V HF Transceiver model 562. Contains installation and operation instructions, technical specifications, board layouts, circuit diagrams and some Ten-Tec promotional pages. 147 pages. Part no. 74199.
1988 PDF, 19.72 MB 2 weeks ago
Document preview Morrow MB565 Instruction Manual
Extensive instruction manual for the Morrow MB-565 transmitter. Contains general description, operating instructions, antenna guidelines, parts list, block diagrams, RTS-600S power supply details, technical specifications and schematic diagrams. 45 pages.
1958 PDF, 2.12 MB 2 weeks ago
Galaxy SC550
Single page information leaflet that came with the Galaxy SC550. Contains a short description of the unit, a parts list and the address of Galaxy Electronics in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Manual # 183-83.
PDF, 132.9 kB 3 weeks ago
Document preview Geloso G4/223 Instruction Manual En It
Instruction manual for the Geloso G4/223 50W HF transmitter, in English and Italian. Contains installation and operation instructions, technical specifications, block diagrams, schematic diagrams and parts list. 21 pages.
1964 PDF, 2.44 MB 4 weeks ago
Document preview Icom ID-51PLUS2 Basic Manual
Basic manual for tle ICOM ID-51A and ID-51E models. Contains installation and operation instructions, GPS operation and technical specifications. 108 pages. A-7331H-1EX
2016 PDF, 7.46 MB 1 month ago
Document preview Icom ID-51E Plus2 Leaflet
Sales leaflet
2016 PDF, 3.09 MB 1 month ago
Document preview Mizuho QP-50 H manual (Japanese
Japanese manual for the Mizuho QP-50. 6 pages
1977 PDF, 6.17 MB 1 month ago
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