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Name Pub. date File type Uploaded
Hallicrafters S85/S85U Operating and Service Instructions
Manual containing installation and operation instructions, alignment procedure, service data and parts list and circuit diagram. 12 pages.
1954 PDF, 2.31 MB 5 hours ago
Icom IC PW2 Pre-Release Flyer
2-page pre-release brochure handed out at the Tokyo Ham Fair 2019.
2019 PDF, 2.87 MB 1 week ago
Elecraft K4 Brochure
2019 PDF, 4.71 MB 1 week ago
Icom IC-705 Prerelease Flyer
2019 PDF, 2.69 MB 1 week ago
Document preview Ht-37 Schematics Fold Out
This is a supplement to the schematic shown in the HT-37 manual. Because of the way the fold out was folded, a section was accidentally omitted. This file corrects this. In the original manual, the schematic was glued, or "tipped" in, on the back cover. I had to remove the schematic from the manual entirely to copy it correctly.
PDF, 4.82 MB 3 months ago
Document preview Ht-37 Manual & Schematics
This is not a BAMA download. I specifically purchased the original HT-37 manual, pulled the staples and separated out each page and made a hi resolution scan of each page in colour, including both front and back covers. Special attention is paid to legibility of the schematic, since most current and new owners have to perform routine maintenance on these old rigs, in particular, re-capping. Most manuals I have downloaded were rather blurry with their schematics, particularly the last part of the fold-out schematic. The only other download site you will find for this particular manual is on the Novice Rig Round-up FaceBook page.
Jan 1961 PDF, 45.96 MB 3 months ago
Heathkit SB-220 Linear Amplifier Manual
1969 PDF, 19.13 MB 4 months ago
Heathkit SB-220 Linear Amplifier Assembly
1969 PDF, 18.99 MB 4 months ago
Document preview CRT-2000 Export Model Channels Mod
Mod descrition to unlock export model channels.
2016 PDF, 138.6 kB 4 months ago
Document preview CRT-2000 Owner's Manual
31-page owner's manual
Sep 2016 PDF, 6.79 MB 4 months ago
JPEG, 1.96 MB 5 months ago
Document preview Bearcat
PDF, 1.18 MB 5 months ago
Chassis Layout Riders R.M.E. page 15-5
PNG, 35.5 kB 5 months ago
Instructions Riders R.M.E. page 15-4
PNG, 99.2 kB 5 months ago
Schematic Riders R.M.E. page 15-3
PNG, 51.3 kB 5 months ago
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