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We have documentation available for many models. Our database currently spans over 2.6 GB of data. Please use the search option above to find documents for your specific rig.

Name Pub. date File type Uploaded
Lowe HF-160 High-resolution image
High-resolution image of this never produced prototype model
1990 JPEG, 2.50 MB 8 years ago
Kewoon TS-870S EPROM Replacement
Kenwood service bulletin 10/11/1996 describing EPROM replacement to fix problem of the TS-870S where is repeatedly switches between receive and trasnmit. Single-page text document.
Nov 1996 PLAIN, 1.6 kB 9 months ago
Kenwood TS-870 Surge Diodes
Information on the "surge protector diode" problem. by Larry W9MDX. Single-page text document.
PLAIN, 4.5 kB 9 months ago
Yaesu FT-990 Mods
Single-page document describing 2 mods by Steve Ellington.
1998 PDF, 276.3 kB 9 months ago
Yaesu FT-990 Technical Service Manual
Extensive 348-page service manual containing block diagrams, circuit diagrams, print layouts, parts list and exploded views of all parts of this model.
PDF, 50.97 MB 9 months ago
Yaesu FT-990 Operating Manual
Scan of the original 65-page operating manual for the Yaesu FT-990. Contains technical specifications, accessories + options, installation instructions, controls & connectors description, operation instructions, CAT system control, block diagrams and circuit diagrams.
1992 PDF, 6.45 MB 9 months ago
Eddystone 820 Instruction Manual
Instruction manual including installation instructions, alignment details and circuit diagram. 4 pages.
PDF, 1.69 MB 9 months ago
Yaesu FT-818ND Operating Manual
Complete 76-page operating manual for the Yaesu FT-818 / FT-818ND. Contains installation + operation instructions, available options, CAT system programming details and technical specifications.
Mar 2018 PDF, 1.48 MB 9 months ago
Ten-Tec Triton I + II Owner's + Maintenance Manual
Ten-Tec Triton I and II owner's and maintenance manual. Scan of the original 70-page document. Contains detailed operation and installation instructions, maintenance guideline and circuit diagrams.
PDF, 9.34 MB 9 months ago
Whistler Ws1025 Owner's Manual
Original 34-page owner's manual. Contains scanner basic, operation instructions and technical specifications.
2014 PDF, 1.36 MB 9 months ago
Whistler Ws1010 Owner's Manual
Original 35-page owner's manual. Contains scanner basic, operation instructions and technical specifications.
2014 PDF, 2.09 MB 9 months ago
Ranger RCI-2950DX / 2970DX Service Manual
Elaborate 44-page service manual. Contains technical specifications, operation instructions, circuit description, alignment notes, circuit diagrams and parts list.
PDF, 2.80 MB 9 months ago
Ranger RCI-63 Series Owner's Manual
Owner's Manual for the RCI-63 series CB-transceivers. Contains technical specifications, installation + operation instructions and microphone wiring diagram. Scanned, 8 pages.
PDF, 2.64 MB 9 months ago
LNR LD-11 User Manual
Contains technical specifications, controls description, operation instructions, menu settings and service menu settings. 27 pages. This is the updated manual from January 2018, version 1.0.1. Original manual was published in Nov. 2017.
Jan 2018 PDF, 978.0 kB 9 months ago
LNR LD-5 Updated Manual
Quick guide manual with block diagram, technical specifications, front panel description, operation instructions + menu settings and a mod to enable 160 / 80 meter reception.
2014 PDF, 753.6 kB 9 months ago
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