Eudgert Est. 1965 , closed 1975 | Brazil

The Brazilian Electronics Industry Eudgert Ltda. was founded in 1965 by amateur Gert Wallerstein, PY7ALC, and employees Eudes Teixeira de Carvalho and Joaquim War. Eudgert is an acronym of the names of two of the three founders of the company. The factory, based in Recife, produced multiband SSB transceivers, Citizen Band equipment and linear amplifiers. The company ceased its activities in 1975.

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400A2 (Gold A)
Eudgert 400A3 (Gold B) 400A3 (Gold B)
Eudgert 400A4 (Gold C) 400A4 (Gold C)
400A5 (Diamond)
Cyclone 2000
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