Price history chart Ten-Tec Scout (555)

Year Historic price Condition Submitted by
2014 USD 450.00 Used / Good hillbillyhamkf5zyb
2010 USD 256.59 Used / Fair eBay
2010 USD 120.00 Used / Poor eBay

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The RigReference Price History Chart is based on prices collected from (mostly) licenced ham operators and key resellers. Price history charts are created for every rig, indicating the price history through time. This allows you to make an educated estimate of the current value of the rig.

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New or as new
All functions operational. Minor exterior signs of use acceptable
All functions operational. Minor repairs or adjustments may be necessary. Exterior may show signs of use
Some non-critical functions may need attention. Exterior shows clear sign of use
Critical functions non-operational. Parts might be missing or broken