Alinco DR-06T reviews

Good one trick pony for 6M FM.


Bought this rig mainly when I had the 6M FM repeater going. I didn't use this rig as a repeater, but I've heard of other ops whom have. For a number of years, this was one of the few 6M only FM rigs out there, and cheaper than the Azden rig that was out at the time. The other alternative was earlier crystal rigs, or a reprogrammed and retuned commercial rig. Just a single band, one trick pony, and it does it well. Good, perky RX and TX Alinco audio, all you need for repeater and simplex works, all CTCSS capable. However, with several multi-banded rigs, with 6M FM, this is more of a niche rig today, but still a good one to have.

Build quality
User friendliness
Value for money
Good condition in 2008
USD 325.00

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