Uniden-Bearcat UBC800XLT

Mobile HF/VHF/UHF Scanner / receiver

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This is the european improved version of BCT-15.

Frequency range

25-512 / 806-960 / 1240-1300 MHz
HAM bands
Tuning steps
5 / 6.25 / 8.33 / 10 / 12.5 / 15 / 20 / 25 / 50 / 100 kHz


AM   FM   N-FM   W-FM  
Receiver system
Triple conversion superheterodyne
Image rejection
Audio output




50 Ω


Power requirements
11-16.6V DC
Current drain RX
500 mA max


Dimensions (w×h×d)
184 × 56 × 151 mm (7.24 × 2.20 × 5.94 in)
1.57 kg (3.5 lbs)
Form factor
Between 2008 and 200x

Other features

6000 channels in 1 bank(s)
Amateur / Ham radio operators
Features + options
"Close call" RF capture technology
RS-232C. Trunktracker III, tracks Motorola type I, II. EDACS, SCAT and LTR systems

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Reviews & stories

My UBC-800XLT experience

Uniden-Bearcat UBC800XLT, Mobile HF/VHF/UHF Scanner / receiver

Sinds the introduction of the ubc-800 in the Netherlands i was completely in love with this scanner/receiver.
A couple of months ago the moment was there and i bought one .
When i opened the box and start unpacking all stuff inside i was surpriced about the complete packadge of accessoires i found.
The programming lead and software (butel),a 230 volts power supply,12 volt power cable and even an extra 12 volt power cable with a sigaret lighter connector it was all included.
After unpacking and installing the scanner it was time to "play" with it.
First, the dynamic scangroups where a bit scarry and it did look a bit complicated, but pretty quick i found out that it was not that complicated and it turned out to be a very friendly and supurb way to program all your channels in separate groups and subgroups.
Next thing what made me happy was the audio of the 800.
The audio is loud and sounds very good in FM and even better in AM.
After programming some search banks it was time to test the receiving quality's of the 800.
I used a discone antenna like the diamond D130.
Reception was very good and i heard airports from a long distance from my house but there was a problem.
I live in a apartment building of 12 story's high and on top of this building and also on the building across the street are some strong trunking and pocsag transmitters and the ubc-800 didn't like that at all.
On all bands i heard this signals and searching a searchbank was allmost impossible without pussing the lock out for about 30 to 50 times.
I also connected the 800 in my car and drove to a nearby airfield and the receiver in the 800 went grazy on the strong signals from the VHF transmitters there.
It was so bad that i returned the ubc800 to the shop.
BUT !! i still think the ubc-800 is a great buy for this price as long as you dont live close to very strong transmitters.
Also the close call option works great and it will give you a ctcss tone in a blink when you choose for ctcss scan, it is even possible to activate the ctcss scan separate on any channel you like.
I dont think you find any other wide range scanner with all this options for this price (and maybe not for any price).
Ferry hamclassics

Build quality
User friendlyness
Value for money
Good condition in 2008
EUR 279.00

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  • EUR 88.00
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2008 EUR 279.00 Used / Good hamclassics

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