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Eddystone EC10A2
Desktop Shortwave receiver

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Salvaged from a ship in the Red Sea


Back in 1979 I was the marine civil engineer at the Port of Jeddah. Having erected a new beacon on Mismari reef to the south of the port I needed to fix its coordinates so as to be able to report its position to the Admiralty and get it onto the charts. GPS was then in its infancy so I made the fix using intersections. I spied in my scope a ship aground on a reef offshore the Navy base and got permission to board it so as to complete the fix. I removed the ships' receivers one of which was the Eddystone pictured above. After fixing the rectifier with a solid state spare it came to life and I used it for two years. Later I sold it at a junk sale at the Reading and District amateur Radio Club still working. de G4THN

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