Hallicrafters S-38B reviews

My first purchased.Ham Reciever


I was given a big National Reciever and Modified ARC 5 Reciever when I was learning the code back in 1969. The National was great but it took up a lot of room and was about 65 lbs. The 7 Megacycles ARC 5 was a small one that I could leave up but only one band I couldn't always copy W1AW.
I took my paperwork money for spending (minus guitar strings funds, the rest went to my college fund) and bought a used but we'll taken care of Hallicrafters S-38 B and a homebrewed Audio Files built from a 50s article. I don't recall which one.
This band spread was not great backlash and other troubles. The solution I came up with was, I tuned in CHU Canada Time Station. Marked down the error and used it an Short Wave Broadcast stations I could find where I was within about 2 kilocycles.
Considering it's a under $100 dollar reciever ( well under) the upper bands are great except for SWLing 7 Megacycles and down were very stable and with a 21 to 3.5 Megacycles Converter worked wonderfully.
The audio filer I got with it Radio 15 and filter 3 and a bunch of tested tubes for both thrown in.
I have all 3 Radios and the S-38B is my favorite though outside of my transceiver.. I also have an old Drake,2B, that I am restoring that one now it is my second favorite.
With the old audio filter the S-38 B still does a great job on CW on the CW bands I have 2'convertors one for 15 meters the other 20.

Build quality
User friendliness
Value for money
Mint condition in 1969

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