ICOM IC-2000H reviews

IC 2000 H


This radio is a very good radio..
I purchased it as my first 2 meter rig in 1995.
I have had many 2 meter and 70cm rigs and I have found the 2000H to be my favorite radio.
Since I have owned it I had it opened up to transmit through 174 MHZ...I did this because I was a EMA member and needed a VHF radio in my car. I no longer TX above 2 meters but it is hand to use in emergencies only above 2 meters.
I also used it for several years as my simplex repeater and as a packet node radio. Now I just use it to rag chew on the local 2 meter repeaters and use it for SKYWARN.

Overall I find the IC 2000 H as an excellent radio and I am always looking to buy a couple more when I see them.


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