ICOM IC-25H reviews

IC-25H Still going strong!


Picked up and IC-25H used in 1996. Became my first 2m rig and performed will for me for several years. Passed it on to my son in 2000 and he's still running it nearly every evening on packet. Simple radio, no tone board, but it did a great job for me on 2m simplex and now running packet for my son. No doubt we've gotten our monies worth from this radio. Built extremely well and just keeps going. Very quiet front end, no interference ever on that radio. The newer radios I purchased to replace it were inferior in selectivity and adjacent channel rejection.. Very little is built like this for 2m today. The only radio I've owned that seemed as quiet and selective is my FT-736R, but it's a totally different class of radio.

73 Dave Koester KC0BCZ

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