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The ICOM IC-R75-12 receiver continues the proud tradition of the earlier ICOM IC-R70 and ICOM IC-R71A models. With full coverage from 30 kHz to 60 MHz; all longwave, medium wave and shortwave frequencies are supported plus extended coverage to include the 6 meter amateur band. Some of innovative features of the R75 include: FM Mode Detection (but not the FM broadcast band), Twin Passband Tuning, Two Level Preamp, 99 Alphanumeric Memories, four Scan Modes, Noise Blanker, Selectable AGC (FAST/SLOW/OFF), Clock-Timer, Squelch, Attenuator and backlit LCD display. Tuning may be selected at 1 Hz or 10 Hz steps plus there is a 1 MHz quick tuning step plus tuning Lock. The R75 exhibits very impressive and very linear sensitivity throughout shortwave. Superior dynamic range insures the handling of both weak and strong signals. The front-firing speaker provides solid, clear audio. The back panel includes a Record Output jack and Tape Recorder Activation jack (both 3.5mm mini). There are both Hi-Z and Lo-Z antenna inputs.

The R75 is an excellent single sideband receiver (SSB). The supplied 2.1 kHz SSB filter is suitable for utility, amateur, or broadcast SSB. However, two optional CW/SSB filter positions are also available (one per I.F.). Click here to view filter chart. The built in 24 hour clock timer is very versatile. You can program the radio to come on and power off at specific times. There is also a sleep function that will turn the radio off after a set period that can be set from 1 minute to 23 hours and 59 minutes. The R75 is not CE certified. Optional filters do not require soldering. The UT-106 DSP Unit is currently installed by Icom and included in the radio.

The earlier model Icom IC-R75-02 included Synchronous AM Detection. This version was discontinued by Icom due to parts availability issues.

Frequency range

0.03-60 MHz (0.03-30 / 50-54 MHz guaranteed)
HAM bands
Less than ±7 ppm from 1 min. to 60 min. after power on. After that rate of stability less than ±1 ppm/hr. at +25°C (+77°F). Temperature fluctuations 0°C to +50°C (+32°F to +122°F) less than ±5 ppm.
Tuning steps
0.001 / 0.01 / 1000 kHz
2.4 / 6 / 15 kHz Optional 500 / 250 Hz


AM   AM-sync   FM   CW   USB   LSB   RTTY  
0.1–1.8 MHz 2.0 μV
1.8–28 MHz 0.16 μV
28–29.99 MHz 0.16 μV
50–54 MHz 0.13 μV
0.1–1.8 MHz 5.6 μV
1.8–28 MHz 1.6 μV
28–29.99 MHz 1.6 μV
50–54 MHz 1.0 μV
28–29.99 MHz 0.22 μV
50–54 MHz 0.2 μV
More than 2.1 kHz/–6 dB
Less than 4.0 kHz/–60 dB
More than 6 kHz/–6 dB
Less than 20 kHz/–50 dB
More than 12 kHz/–6 dB
Less than 30 kHz/–40 dB
Receiver system
Triple conversion superheterodyne
1st: ~69 MHz
2nd: ~9 MHz
3rd: ~455 / 450 kHz
Image rejection
> 70 dB
Audio output
2 W, 10% distortion @ 8 Ω




SO-239 + Clamps / screws
50 / 500Ω


Power requirements
13.8V DC ±15%
Current drain RX
0.9-1.1 A


Dimensions (w×h×d)
241 × 94 × 229 mm (9.49 × 3.70 × 9.02 in)
3.00 kg (6.6 lbs)
Form factor
Base Station
Between 1999 and 200x in Japan (Icom restarted production after protests from the market)

Other features

99 channels in 1 bank(s)
Amateur / Ham radio operators
Features + options
CI-V interface
PC programmable (RS-232)

Manuals, diagrams and brochures

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Reviews & stories

Nothing else has this many features for $700.

ICOM IC-R75, Desktop HF/VHF Receiver

This is the receiver you want in a difficult RF situation: RFI from a neighbor, a noisy urban enviroments and times of high atmospheric noise. The R75 has a host a features & settings to make that weak signal readable -- when it's buried in noise on any other radio. People laud the Drake R8 for it's ability to "dig out" the weakest signals from noise, but, having owned both, the R75 is far superior for that.

I also like the extended coverage to 60 MHz. Yes, it's still relevant in 2013 to Dx the VHF-low band. Not long ago I got the Missouri State Highway Patrol near 42 MHz -- I am in Virginia. With nothing but an indoor antenna on the R75. I also get plenty of 6-meter USB voice traffic between 50.1 and 50.2 MHz.

I've had a lot of general coverage receivers and radios, but none of them can do what this one does.

Written by Radio10 on Jul 27, 2013

Build quality
User friendlyness
Value for money
Mint condition in 2008
USD 669.00

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  • USD 325.00
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2019 USD 326.00 Used / Good eBay
2013 USD 579.95 Used / Good universal-radio
2010 USD 419.95 New / Good universal-radio
2010 USD 400.00 Used / Good eBay
2010 USD 365.00 Used / Good eBay
2010 USD 450.00 Used / Mint eBay
2010 USD 465.00 Used / Good eBay
2008 USD 669.00 New / Mint Radio10

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