Kenwood R-1000 Desktop Shortwave receiver

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Frequency range

0.2-30 MHz
HAM bands
Tuning steps


AM   CW   SSB  
AM (10 dB S+N/N)
0.2-2 MHz: 20 µV
2-30 MHz: 2 µV
SSB (10 dB S+N/N)
0.2-2 MHz: 0.2-2 MHz: 5 µV
2-30 MHz: 0.5 µV
AM Wide: 12 kHz (-6 dB), 25 kHz (-50 dB)
AM Narrow: 6 kHz (-6 dB), 18 kHz (-50 dB)
SSB/CW: 2.7 kHz (-6 dB), 5 kHz (-60 dB)
Receiver system
Double conversion superheterodyne
1st: 48.055 MHz
2nd: 455 KHz
Image rejection
>60 dB
Audio output






Power requirements
Mains (12V DC option, DCK-1)
Current drain RX


Dimensions (w×h×d)
300 × 115 × 218 mm (11.81 × 4.53 × 8.58 in)
5.50 kg (12.1 lbs)
Form factor
Base Station
Between 1979 and 1985 in Japan

Other features

Amateur / Ham radio operators
Features + options
12hr clock and timer

Manuals, diagrams and brochures

Kenwood R-1000 Schematic Diagram submitted by RigReference
Kenwood R-1000 Service Manual submitted by RigReference
Kenwood R-1000 User Manual submitted by RigReference
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Stories & reviews

Its decent but not really for Dx'ing.

Kenwood R-1000, Desktop Shortwave receiver

I've owned a couple of R1000's. The rig has a 'regal' reputation (5-stars almost every where you look) that I don't believe it deserves. Its ok, its decent, but definitely isn't one of the quieter receivers you can have. Seems to have much white noise coming from the synthesizer. As a result weak utility stations usually don't come through too well on this radio. Selectivity is ok -- not bad but nothing to rave about either. Overall sensitivity is fair to good.

The R-1000 has its die hard fans, but if you want a no frills receiver that's high-performing I honestly think the Lowe HF-150 is a better choice.

Written by Radio10 on May 3, 2013

Build quality
User friendlyness
Value for money
Good condition in 2007
USD 225.00

Funnest shortwave rig I've ever had, and simple.

Kenwood R-1000, Desktop Shortwave receiver

A very no thrills rig for seasoned DX'ers, but still a great rig for beginners, and just a fun rig to tune. Yeah, not the most sensitive, not the most selective, but very, very, easy to operate. Definitely add-on an EXT speaker to take advantage of its audio quality. This rig may drift almost 500Hz, but rock solid after a 30min warm-up. Only a big deal with SSB and CW. The power supply built-in does add to the heat of this rig, and if you can run it with EXT +12VDC, it would be best to do so. (This is probably one of the biggest 1980's Kenwood gripes is their power supplies.) Kicking myself for getting rid of this rig 20 years ago. Still, if you're looking for the perfect shortwave starter rig for yourself, a friend, and even your kids, this is the rig to get. Biggest gripe? No FM, but you can still do slope detection for that.

Written by rreh917 on Dec 22, 2016

Build quality
User friendlyness
Value for money
Good condition in 1992
USD 350.00

Lovely simple receiver

Kenwood R-1000, Desktop Shortwave receiver

Only had mine a few months (got it on Ebay). It is mint and works like new (lucky me!).
Well built with good layout. Easy to use.
Not quite as sensitive as my new Tecsun PL660 but then it is about 40 years old!
Top speaker gives decent audio - no need for an external.
No BFO or fine tune, but the tuning dial is well geared and silky smooth. With a fairly steady hand one can separate SSB quite well.

Written by jbeggs on Feb 14, 2017

Build quality
User friendlyness
Value for money
Mint condition in 2017
GBP 140.00

What is it worth?

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Based on historic data, today's value of the Kenwood R-1000 might be around:

  • GBP 139.00
  • USD 205.00
Price Condition Year User
USD 250.00 New / Mint 1980 HAMMERHEAD46
USD 350.00 Used / Good 1992 rreh917
USD 225.00 Used / Good 2007 Radio10
USD 150.00 Used / Good 2010 jimimaxi2
USD 249.95 Used / Good 2013 universal-radio
GBP 140.00 Used / Mint 2017 jbeggs

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