Kenwood TS-780 reviews



Very easy rig to operate covering FM,CW,SSB full UK 144.000 - 145.999 on VFO on SSB have either free running adjustment or tight control.
Two settings on FM channel or frequency. Has repeater offset +1600 on 432MHz or -600 on 144MHz also needs tone button next to offset to be depressed to give 1750 tome burst to access repeaters.
The gain controls are some of the best on radios of this era and theres the SSB nic gain which I leave on No3 for FM or No4 for SSB.
Every switch & control some with a function inside another is well marked.Power output is 1watt or 10watts.
These when you find them fetch serious money, seen on ebay £350 - £470 (mine was £450) due to the internal filtering that is as standard no need for anything like a mutech as far superior already fitted.
Never heard a bad audio from these sets, if you see one BUY IT you will not be dissapointed.
One thing with these radios they have a Jones plug power lead and there are two setting one for internal power supply DON'T USE IT! as there is not a cooling fan so can overheat! Just use from a power supply with 12Amp output.

Build quality
User friendliness
Value for money
Good condition in 2010
GBP 470.00

Review the Kenwood TS-780