Sangean ATS-803A reviews

Great HF portable for its time, and still is!


Got this at the end of 1989. Covers 150KHz to 30MHz with good FM to boot. (I even did the Bruce Elving narrow FM mod to it by adding a 110KHz Toko IF filter to it.) Amazing RX sensitivity on all bands. Even better than my HF transceivers. Direct keypad FREQ entry is great! RF Gain works in all FREQ's and modes as well, even FM. It even has a fived audio output for recording. The jerks about it? No NB, if there's noise pulses out there, you'll pull it in. Tiny BFO knob works, but can be touchy. AM wide is only 6KHz, great for voice, but sucks for AM music. Can just tune +/-2KHz. Have to hold down backlight button to work, doesn't stay on if desired. Record fixed audio out is one of those Radio Shack CB DIN connectors. Other-wise, this is a great portable still and works +25 years later as a bedside radio for me nightly.

Build quality
User friendliness
Value for money
Mint condition in 1989
USD 250.00

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