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The Ameco VFO-621 is a Variable Frequency Oscillator to be used with the Ameco TX-62 Transmitter or any other 50, 144 or 220 Mc transmitter that is designed to operate with 8, 12 or 24-25 Mc. crystals. The Ameco VFO-621 circuit consists of a solid state variable oscillator operating at 12 to 13 Mc. The oscillator signal is fed into a pentode buffer amplifier, a triode frequency doubler and an output amplifier working straight through. The two amplifiers and the doubler provide excellent isolation of the oscillator from the transmitter, which produces improved stability and keying, never previously available in a VHF - VFO. There is no chirp with keying. The warm-up time is very short, as the oscillator uses a transistor. The internal AC power supply is Zener Diode regulated. The dial scale is calibrated for 50-52, 144- 148 and 220-225 Mc. The scales are long, open and easy to read. For mobile operation, terminals are provided for external DC supplies (6 or 12 volts for the filaments and 100 to 150 volts for the plates). The cabinet height and finish match the TX-62 transmitter.

General characteristics

HAM bands
6m  2m  1.25m 
Frequency stability
Tuning steps

Frequency range

50 / 144 / 220 MHz
6 / 2 / 1.25 m




Power requirements
Current drain RX


Between 196x and 19xx in USA
Dimensions (w×h×d)
127 × 152 × 190 mm (5.00 × 5.98 × 7.48 in)
Form factor
Base Station

Other features

Amateur / Ham radio operators
Features + options

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