Fairhaven RD500VX reviews

Fairhaven RD500VX
Desktop HF/VHF/UHF Scanner / receiver

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Review of the Fairhaven RD500vx by SWL - John Green

John Green

The RD500 is a high end wideband communications receiver with a huge memory ( database).
It has a very easy to use, user friendly
operating system.
Great features are the digital recording/playback , selectable AGC for AM,SSB , Passband tuning, notch and peak filters. Low pass filter .
AM synchronous detection which although narrow in bandwidth locks on well in usb lsb or even DSB.
The receiver is well constructed with steel cabinet and an alloy face plate.
All push buttons are solid and positive in operation (micro switches ?). The receiver is excellent on LW, MW and SW with better sensitivity than my IC R71E.
In Peter Fenu's review he compares the RD500vx to his AOR 7030 and states it is equal to it and better on some frequencies
The performance on VHF including airband AM is very good . With only a short piece of wire connected to the
N type socket I could copy as well as my other VHF receiver on a discone.
The receiver is quite compact at 205mm wide by 65mm high.
The display is very clear even to my older eyes. The sound from the built in speaker is clear but an external speaker is recommended .
The rear panel black on early versions and grey on later versions has lots of connections for antenna and sound as well as a keyboard or computer control.
This is a receiver that meets most DXers requirements. 54000 memories organised into groups
and band's for high speed scanning
is a bonus.

Build quality
User friendliness
Value for money
Good condition in 2022
USD 350.00

Review the Fairhaven RD500VX