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Mobile HF/VHF/UHF Scanner / receiver

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PSR-800 initial use/impressions


Very solid feel, not too fat, much like a parkerized finish seems robust, except
Display/keypad: the flat-mat surface below display around buttons is much like a "frosted glass" but is thin/add-on as it seems to scratch off in 1st day or so shoving it in/out of my pocket with a few keys/objects that scratched right through this. HINT: get and install one of those protective clear sheets ASAP. I bought mine from HRO and there didn't seem to be any accessories like this or case for it just weeks ago.
Read the manual helps a lot, but you can get using it right away. Helpful people are at several threads here.
It's VERY flexible/versatile. You can have a whole set of "virtual" scanlists saved to the on-radio 2mb micro-sd card that contains also the freq.database & where it stores recordings of 'hits' while scanning or searching. You can later review such hits actually hearing what was said. I don't see YET if you have a choice to turn the recording off for old hits and only record NEW finds, but it seems to record all or nothing dependingon if you turned it on as a whole for scanning or for searching. Also, when you hit Pause button on a sweep/search, you then can hit menu button, scroll down a few lines and select SAVE this channel. But in doing so, you immediately also then jump back into search mode and may not get back to that find until you manually do so or 'hit' upon it again.
Some Menu/navigation of changes in settings, freq lists selected takes some careful reading and some things didn't seem to be in the manual at all, as your selections got ignored unless you learn the seemingly secret logic to left-arrow out of some stage where it then asks you to save your changes. BUT with software-defined menus, it all can change and improve from here! Haven't even started with trunking, etc given last radio was analog, but it seems here you can pick your talkgroup out of the database and you're rolling - contrary to uniden 296xd/whatever that makes you learn the whole science of talkgroups and how to input them (why i waited until now) so not such a drag now! I haven't even started adding flashing led backlight & picking my own colors for each 'hit'. Very cool
Bottom line: protect its keypad area & beginners don't have to learn a foreign language just to start with trunking/talkgroups.

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Mint condition in 2011
USD 449.00

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