Yaesu FT-1D reviews

Yaesu FT-1D
2m / 70cm | 5 W | Picture transfer | GPS

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Nice little handi


Bought this little gem on sale. Where I live there is no D-Star, and only recently DMR. Lots of C4FM though. more intuitive to use than the 2d, in some ways. Less things to get lost on. I also have the picture mic, works well, and I use it with the local ham club for bike rides, etc. We have a 400 D which will receive the pics as I take them. This radio will NOT show pictures on it's screen, however the picture is downloaded to the SD card, and can be brought up on a computer. Can also transfer files, and has a text messaging format in the GM part. APRS ready. Written June 17 of 2018 Radio no longer in production

Build quality
User friendliness
Value for money
Mint condition in 2017
USD 230.00

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