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I must say that the DAK Mark X is the loudest CB radio I have ever heard on the air without being distorted. YES even louder than a TRAM D-201/D-201A or the Browning Eagle radios.It is by far the most Beautiful CB Radio of any ever produced as well with those (4) large meters across the front they are Eye Candy.The radio keys 4 watts on AM & swings to 22 watts PEP with no problem & swings to 16 watts on SSB.The receiver is the weak point in this radio & does not have much adjacent channel rejection as many radios like the Tram & Browning radios but that is not an issue for me living in a rural area.Receiver performance is a little above average after a peak & tune but nothing to brag about or exciting.My DAK Mark X came with the matching Black ASTATIC D-104 desk Microphone & it's the Perfect choice for the radio for the LOUD "AUDIO MONSTER" Transmit audio that comes from this Beautiful Beast of a Base radio. This was a Bucket List purchase for me since I wanted one since I 1st saw one back in the late 70's & I had been unable to find on that had not been drilled full of holes & extra channel modded to death & power modded as well.Mine is bone stock & only required replacement of most every one of those 6 volt lights in the front panel & YES that included the meter lights & a good bead blasting of the black repainted cover & repainting of the black portion of the case where someone had repainted the black with a terrible shiny black paint job with runs all in it. Nothing a bead blaster & a couple of fresh coats of Krylon Matte Black did not take care of to put it back to it's Original cover color & finish.The radio now looks like she just came out of the factory & works just as Great as she looks.I'm tickled that she's all mine Finally!The price below will not tell the whole story.I paid just $200 & that included the matching BLACK DAK ASTATIC D-104 Desk Microphone so I got a Steal of a Deal.{:>)

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