Leixen VV-898 reviews

Leixen VV-898
Dual band mobile transceiver

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Excellent value


This radio comes in three versions Leixen VV898, Jetstream JT 279M v1.02, and Jetstream JT v1.03.

The radio itself is a very good value for the price.
Well built, fit and finish are good.
Audio is clear, pushbuttons well arranged, and Menu is user friendly.

The radios ergonomics are good, but the learning curve is steep because the User Manual is poorly written "Chinglish"; which is hard to understand.

The manual for the Jetstream v1.02 appears to be a update of the Leixen manual, and because of firmware changes between the two models; it has several errors.

The Jetstream v1.02 software is very poorly written, and hard to use.

All points considered, this radio is a good value.

Build quality
User friendliness
Value for money
Good condition in 2015
USD 109.00

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