Chinese KN-920 reviews

KN-920 HF Radio

Chinese KN-920, Base Station HF Transceiver

I purchased the KN-920 from Aliexpress and shipping was 5 days from China. Rig arrived with bubble wrap around it and rolled cardboard in the box, light packaging for the distance it had to travel but survived the trip without any incidents.
The radio was abit bigger than I had thought it would be but all silk screening was perfect and cabinet made of light aluminum, with handles on the front. Nice big green display very easy to read. USB port on back (unknown function), tuning knob on front and various menu buttons.
Powered the rig on and played with menus and wrote down all factory preset settings and then found other menus and functions.
The radio appears to very prone to any local noise depending on antenna used. Transmits on USB,LSB,FM and CW and receive only in AM.
Transmits a full 10 watts on max setting on all ham bands plus WARC bands.
Lots of birdies though on all bands, will make note of where teh birdies are in a later review.
Made many qso's on CW but have not tried any on SSB to this point.
However I now have had an issue with the finals shorting out and needing to be replaced, at the same time some of the trace also burnt up, the finals are IRF530's and should actually just ride along at 10 watts continuous operation with no effort.
Communications with the seller are not the greatest and communication with builder are non-existant.
No offers for any type of refund or repair that would be feasable for both sides have been made.
The radio itself was operating well on CW, but would I buy another one again, NO.
There are better radios out there on the market.
I am just in the process of replacing the finals and see what happens after that.


Written by ve3fal on Sep 19, 2013

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