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More audio!


I have been trying to get more RX audio out of this radio. An external speaker did not help much. So, I tried installing an LM380, a 2.5 watt 8 pin amp that I thought would help somewhat. No go, the output was lower than the 386, which has a gain of 200, whereas the 380 has a gain of 50.

So, I started playing with the original circuit and found that if PIN1 of the LM386 is also bypassed to ground through a 10U cap, there is almost enough audio to be annoying! The internal speaker should probably be changed for a larger one, but just installing this cap really helps. No holes need to be made on the PCB. I just soldered the caps negative lead to L1's shield and the positive lead I soldered to PIN1 U2.

73, Clint, VE3CMQ

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