Heathkit SB-110A reviews

Heathkit 110A

Ken Sunken

Acquired this rig used with Speaker and both 115 AC and 13.8 DC supplies.
I had to get a microphone (crystal mic) and replace a high voltage cap, but it performs beautifully.
I show about 80 Watts with about 180 Watts input on CW.
Covers 50-52 MHz, but can be tuned to cover any 2 MHz segment of the 6 meter band with the proper crystals. Does both upper and lower single sideband and CW. (So why move the coverage, 50.0 to 50.1 is reserved for CW, 50.1 to 50.300 is reserved for SSB)
It's the size of a dorm microwave oven, but you will be heard when you call.

Build quality
User friendliness
Value for money
Okay condition in 1978
USD 50.00

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