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Jul 14, 2023

Finally got to the site and registered 😀.
Hello everyone. It's nice to be a part of the group, - all of whom are involved in the same hobby.
I'm a 60 yo guy who started his radio venture at around 11 -12, when my mom bought me a radio shack/archer portable radio. It was am/vhf analog tuning, and I could strap it to my bike and listen to our local police.
... and that's where it all began.
- ES Explorers - rca 4 channel vhf hi/low, and a county portable.
- EMT - more radios
- Municipal Paramedic,- more radios
- Chief of ES - a lot more radios
- NYC*EMS - carried out two uhf portables, one on our boro channel, the other on either citywide or the local NYPD precinct channel, AND trialing a Moto 800 trunking system as a precursor to what is now the FDNY EMS P25/P1 system.
- Flight RN - yeah, there were a LOT of radios in the shop.
...and I didn't even go into my personal shack.
When I can, I'll post a few pics of my shack, and the listening post on my back porch.
Looking forward to chatting with folks here.
73 de Dave.