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Fantastic product in it's time

FlexRadio SDR-1000, Headless HF/VHF Transceiver

Purchased this radio in 2006 and have used it almost every day since. The evolution of the software has been absolutely amazing. With each iteration it's like getting a new radio. It takes a certain type of ham to want a radio like this. Even today some hams refuse to get used to a radio that has no knobs. Setting up the radio is quite involved but is totally worth it. The transmit audio is superb. I constantly receive unsolicited compliments on the audio quality. Be advised that this radio will not work with the newest computers as it requires a parallel port and works best with Windows XP. There is a parallel to USB adapter that requires XP or Vista but these are difficult to find. If you come across one with all cables and the required sound card at a good price and you like to tinker and experiment then give it a try. This radio is the most fun of any radio I've owned.

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