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Aka stalker 9f dx nice old multimode am fm Ssb rig

Teaberry Stalker IX, Handheld Transceiver

I have had one of these units hanging around for about twenty years. It has never been in a1 condition as I got it second hand. It has the old uk 40 fm channels cb27/81 format in this mode no switching to side band or am but it worked well for me. Sound not great but there is a mod to sort that out. So I dusted it off this weekend and being in Central Europe nothing to hear on the uk 40 fm however set to normal low fm I was receiving clear local contacts on an old mag mount on a ground floor window sill. I clicked around heard something tempting switched to USB and got contacts from Russia and Ukraine. The next day on USB on the hi Chanel bank I was pulling in contacts from Italy Canary Islands and south Spain. I don't have a working mike yet so transmit was not tested. Around this is a nice little multimode rig old but still going strong. It is not a hand held more the typical car mount 12 v dv type. If you see one for sale and it turns on I would say get it

Build quality
User friendlyness
Value for money
Poor condition in 1988
GBP 40.00