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Lafayette HE-10 (KT-200), Desktop Shortwave receiver

I just recently purchased an HE-10 factory assembled receiver on eBay. Fortunately, it was a very clean looking and well taken care of receiver. So, I took my chances and purchased it. This was my first LaFayette purchase of any sort and I am glad now that I did. It arrived in great condition and after much inspection, I brought up the AC voltage very slowly on my variac. As the voltage approached 120 VAC, all looked well, no smoke, no sparks etc. By this time, I was a happy camper an new I had a fighting chance with this receiver.

The receiver picked up signals on all bands very well. I have a long wire (80 ft antenna) and a Godar FM DXR-1000 AM-FM SW vertical whip antenna (which I highly recommend) both mounted on the roof of my house which are at least 20 feet high off the ground level. They both pick up AM and SW signals very well but that Godar antenna is something else. It's like a giant magnet - it picks up signals from all around the world with good signal strength. I use it more than my long wire!!

The HE-10 is a really well built receiver. It is a 9 tube receiver and, has an RF amplifier stage which, unlike some other brands of receivers of this vintage do not include and, makes a whole lot of difference in the sensitivity and selectivity of the receiver. The more tubes on the front end of the receiver, the better.

I haven't even replaced a tube or the capacitors yet and this receiver is working wonderfully for it's age. I can't wait to experience it's performance after I replace all those old capacitors.

All I need now is a nice 100 Watt LaFayette transmitter to compliment this nice receiver and I should have a nice XMTTR/RCVR combination. If any of you out there reading this knows of a nice LaFayette vacuum tube transmitter for sale, please let me know. I would appreciate it.

Thank you

Written by bzadel on Aug 31, 2015

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