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Name Pub. date File type Uploaded
Document preview Yeasu FT-891 Quick Manual
2016 PDF, 332.7 kB 6 years ago
Document preview Yeasu FT-891 Cat Reference Book
The CAT (Computer Aided Transceiver) System in the FT-891 transceiver provides control of frequency, VFO, memory, and other settings such as dual-channel memories and diversity reception using an external personal computer. This allows multiple control operations to be fully automated with single mouse clicks, or keystroke operations on the computer keyboard.
2016 PDF, 527.0 kB 6 years ago
Document preview Icom ID-51E Plus2 Leaflet
Sales leaflet
2016 PDF, 3.09 MB 4 years ago
Document preview Icom ID-51PLUS2 Basic Manual
Basic manual for tle ICOM ID-51A and ID-51E models. Contains installation and operation instructions, GPS operation and technical specifications. 108 pages. A-7331H-1EX
2016 PDF, 7.46 MB 4 years ago
Document preview President Grant II Premium Service Manual
54 pages.
2015 PDF, 1.98 MB 3 years ago
Document preview Ten-Tec 565 Receive Optimization
Optimal setting of Orion 565 receiver for weak signals, by W4PA and KF6DX.
Jan 2015 PDF, 22.9 kB 6 years ago
Document preview Alinco DR-B185HT/HE User Manual
Original 36-page manual.
2015 PDF, 2.33 MB 6 years ago
Whistler WS-1080 / WS-1088 User Guide
Whistler WS-1080 / WS-1088 User Guide. 70 pages.
2015 OCTET-STREAM, 1.84 MB 5 years ago
Whistler WS1065 Owner's Manual
75 page Owner's Manual. Contains installation en operation instructions and technical specs.
2015 OCTET-STREAM, 2.63 MB 5 years ago
Whistler WS-1095 / WS-1098 User Guide
72 pages
2015 OCTET-STREAM, 1.03 MB 5 years ago
Document preview CRT SS 7900
23 pages
2015 PDF, 3.46 MB 3 years ago
Document preview Midland GB1 User Manual
2015 PDF, 1.23 MB 6 years ago
Document preview Xiegu X-108G Operating Manual
Outdoor edition, V1.0A, Revision 2015-07
Jul 2015 PDF, 915.7 kB 6 years ago
Document preview LNR LD-5 Updated Manual
Quick guide manual with block diagram, technical specifications, front panel description, operation instructions + menu settings and a mod to enable 160 / 80 meter reception.
2014 PDF, 753.6 kB 6 years ago
Document preview Whistler Ws1010 Owner's Manual
Original 35-page owner's manual. Contains scanner basic, operation instructions and technical specifications.
2014 PDF, 2.09 MB 6 years ago
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