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Desktop HF/VHF Transceiver

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Great Rig, bad display...


I've owned this rig since 1995 (2011 as of this writing), paid about $2500 for it.

Pros: Great receiver & transmitter, dual rx, split, ctcss, easy memory operation, variable tuning, etc. Very stable, twin PBT works well, 2 stage rx preamp is nice, TX power 100w+ all bands. Easy interface and operation on digital modes.

Cons: Crappy Display. Icom had loads of these go bad, yet only supported it for a few years. When my display failed I called to learn that Icom couldn't repair it & their solution owas TO BUY A NEW RIG!! AM rx filters never available from Icom, and std filters are too wide for AM rx on a band with any adjacent activity. ALC issues with operating AM transmit, but can be corrected with outboard ALC supply. Early CAT control does not allow control of all features (preamp, ant sw, att, rx filters, etc...stuff that's kinda important when operating remotely.

Overall, I've been happy with the rig and learned to work around it's little quirks. My biggest complaint is the shotty display. I'll never buy another Icom product as a result of their lack of support and handling of my problem when I called their USA repair center. You can see the display issue at:



Build quality
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Value for money
Mint condition in 1995
USD 2500.00

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