Ham Radio Equipment updates

All models listed in order in which they where added to the site.

Vero Global Communication VR-P25 Vero Global Communication VR-P25
Mobile Amateur Linear Power Amplifier
Vero Global Communication VR-P25D Vero Global Communication VR-P25D
DMR Radio Power Amplifier
TYT UV-380 TYT UV-380
DMR Dual-Band Transceiver
Eddystone 820 Eddystone 820
Desktop LF/MF/VHF receiver
Whistler WS1025 Whistler WS1025
Whistler WS1010 Whistler WS1010
LNR Precision LD-5 LNR Precision LD-5
Multimode QRP HF Transceiver
LNR Precision LD-11 LNR Precision LD-11
Multimode QRP HF+6m Transceiver
Eddystone 770R Mk. II
Desktop VHF receiver
Eddystone 770R
Desktop VHF receiver
Eddystone 760
Prototype VHF Receiver
Eddystone 750 Eddystone 750
Communications receiver
Eddystone 740 Eddystone 740
Communications receiver
Sony ICF-5500 / Captain 55 Sony ICF-5500 / Captain 55
Handheld HF/VHF Receiver
Retevis RT82 Retevis RT82
Handheld DMR Transceiver
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