Ham Radio Equipment updates

All models listed in order in which they where added to the site.

Alinco DJ-MD40 Alinco DJ-MD40
Handheld Digital/Analog UHF Transceiver
Low-power DCR HT
Uniden-Bearcat SDS100 Uniden-Bearcat SDS100
Handheld HF SDR-receiver
TYT TH-350 TYT TH-350
Triband HT
Yaesu FTdx 101MP Yaesu FTdx 101MP
200W HF / 6m SDR Transceiver
Tempo One Tempo One
SSB Transceiver
Vero Global Communication VR-6900 Vero Global Communication VR-6900
Dual band FM Transceiver
SDRplay RSPduo SDRplay RSPduo
Dual-tuner 14-bit SDR receiver
Yaesu FTdx 101D Yaesu FTdx 101D
100W HF / 6m SDR Transceiver
Kenwood TS-890S Kenwood TS-890S
Base Station Amateur Transceiver
Alinco DJ-MD5 Alinco DJ-MD5
Handheld 2-slot DMR Transceiver
TYT UV-390 TYT UV-390
DMR Dual-Band Transceiver
Baofeng RD-5R Baofeng RD-5R
Dual-band DMR handheld
Professional Airband Transceiver
ICOM ID-31E Plus ICOM ID-31E Plus
Handheld UHF Transceiver
Tecsun PL-680 Tecsun PL-680
Handheld HF/VHF Receiver
Tecsun S-2000 Tecsun S-2000
Portable HF/VHF Receiver
Hammarlund SP-100 "MRM-5"
Government Communication Receiver
Hammarlund SP-10S
Desktop Shortwave receiver
Hammarlund SP-10 Hammarlund SP-10
Desktop Shortwave receiver
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