Ham Radio Equipment updates

All models listed in order in which they where added to the site.

Retevis RT87 Retevis RT87
Handheld Dual-Band Transceiver
Heathkit SA-2040 Heathkit SA-2040
HF Antenna Tuner
Heathkit SA-2060A Heathkit SA-2060A
Deluxe HF Antenna Tuner
Yaesu FT-818 Yaesu FT-818
6W HF/VHF/UHF All-Mode Portable Transceiver
TYT TH-7800 TYT TH-7800
Mobile dual-band transceiver
TYT TH-8600 TYT TH-8600
Mobile dual-band transceiver
TYT MD-9600 TYT MD-9600
Mobile Dual-Band transceiver
MFJ 993B MFJ 993B
Dual Power Auto Tuner | 300 / 150 W
Eddystone 730/8 Eddystone 730/8
Desktop Shortwave receiver
Eddystone 730/7 Eddystone 730/7
Desktop Shortwave receiver
Eddystone 730/6 Eddystone 730/6
Desktop Shortwave receiver
Eddystone 730/10
Base Station Marine Receiver
Eddystone 720
Marine Shortwave receiver
Eddystone 710 Eddystone 710
Mobile Shortwave receiver
Eddystone 640
Desktop Shortwave receiver
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