Braun Est. Germany

Large consumer electronics firm, based in Germany. The Braun company has produced a limited number of CB and amateur radio transceivers, all in the 1970s and some shortwave receivers in the 1960s.

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Image Model
Braun LT470 LT470
Braun LT472 LT472
Braun LT702 LT702
Braun SE-211 SE-211
Braun SE-280 SE-280
Braun SE-300 SE-300
Braun SE-400 dig SE-400 dig
Braun SE-401 SE-401
Braun SE-402 SE-402
Braun SE-600 SE-600
Braun SE-600 dig SE-600 dig
Braun T-1000 CD T-1000 CD
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