Amateur radio equipment prices

The RigReference Price History feature is a collection of real-world prices collected from (mostly) licenced ham operators and key resellers. Price history diagrams are created for every rig, indicating the price history through time. This allows you to make an educated estimate of the current value of the rig.

Rig Price Condition Year Submitted
Clegg FM-27B USD 55.00 Used / Good 2010 JohnnyElectron
10 years ago
Uniden-Bearcat UBC9000XLT EUR 60.00 Used / Good 2006 elmer
10 years ago
Uniden-Bearcat UBC800XLT EUR 279.00 Used / Good 2008 hamclassics
11 years ago
Uniden-Bearcat UBC785XLT EUR 200.00 Used / Good 2008 elmer
11 years ago
AOR AR-5000+3 GBP 500.00 Used / Good 2006 GI0ZGB
10 years ago
AOR AR-2000 EUR 35.00 Used / Good 2009 elmer
10 years ago
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