FlexRadio FLEX-1500 Headless HF/VHF Transceiver

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The FLEX-1500 is announced for September/October 2009. Price level will be around USD 600.

The FLEX-1500 is a low-cost, low-wattage SDR that is positioned to allow ham radio operators the ability to experience the incredible capabilities and just plain fun of operating a software defined radios without breaking the budget. The FLEX-1500 is the quintessential entry-level SDR.

The supplied open source software, PowerSDR, creates a powerful and flexible solution. The number of memories is limited only by the PC hard disk space.

Frequency range

0.01-60 MHz
0.01-60 MHz
HAM bands
160m  80m  60m  40m  30m (WARC)  20m  17m (WARC)  15m  12m (WARC)  11m (CB)  6m 
Tuning steps
0.001-10.000 MHz kHz


AM   N-FM   CW   USB   LSB   DSB  
Receiver system
Image rejection
Audio output


AM   N-FM   CW   USB   LSB   DSB  
5 W




Power requirements
Current drain RX


Dimensions (w×h×d)
Form factor
Between 2009 and 20xx

Other features

100000 channels in bank(s)
Amateur / Ham radio operators
Features + options
SDR (Software Defined Radio)

Manuals, diagrams and brochures

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Stories & reviews

FLEX 1500

FlexRadio FLEX-1500, Headless HF/VHF Transceiver

I have owned the Flex 1500 for about six months as I write this. It takes a bit of getting used to. Over those six months, Flex have updated the software several times, and each time it has got better.
To be honest, several times I have thought about selling it, but now it has settled down and is a key part of my shack.
It is designed to be a good transverter driver and I use it to drive a 70MHz transverter. I have worked a few people on other bands, but 5 watts is not much power. I have used either the transverter output or the PA to drive various transverters, depending on the power requirements.
Under the original software it was not very stable, and often crashed. Now it is OK. I am using a 3.3GHz, twin core PC running XP with 3 GB of RAM. The thing that uses the computer resources is the display. I use the panadapter but if the core usage goes too high I turn off the display. Also, I find it best to disconnect the wi-fi on the PC to avoid unexpected demands on the processor. It will run on quite limited PCs if you turns off the panadaptor.
Tips, be patient, update the software regularly. Mine, oddly, will not start if the Flex1500 is turned on when I start the software. I leave it turned off until the software asks for it, and then I turn it on and select it once it from the list once it appears. No idea why, as this is the opposite of the recommended order of things.
It has been a bumpy ride, but now I like it.
Would I recommend it? Only if you have a good computer and only if you are willing to spend quite a bit of time getting it going. Also, be ready for it to crash from time to time.

Build quality
User friendlyness
Value for money
Mint condition in 2011
GBP 500.00

What is it worth?

Estimating the value of a rig can be challenging. We collect prices paid by real hams over the years to help you estimate the current value of the FlexRadio FLEX-1500. Just bought or sold this model? Let us know what you traded it for and help other ham operators!

Based on historic data, today's value of the FlexRadio FLEX-1500 might be around:

  • USD 499.00
  • GBP 303.00
Price Condition Year User
GBP 500.00 New / Mint 2011 marklejim
USD 449.95 Used / Good 2013 universal-radio
USD 500.00 Used / Good 2014 ke3oxmsd
USD 500.00 Used / Good 2018 Joshua Grubman

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