Ham Radio Equipment from the 1970's

The timeline selects and sorts rigs according to manufacturing dates. Find rigs of your favorite era, or your year of birth.


Mobile Transceiver
 Dyna-Com 3B Dyna-Com 3B
Handheld Transceiver
Desktop Power Supply
 HA-73A HA-73A
Handheld CB-Transceiver
 3806 3806
Handheld VHF Transceiver
 FT-901DM FT-901DM
Desktop Shortwave Transceiver
 Adams (VFO) Adams (VFO)
Mobile CB Transceiver
 TS-790DXcc TS-790DXcc
Mobile Shortwave Transceiver
 FT-902DM FT-902DM
Desktop Shortwave Transceiver
 Pro-1 (high band) Pro-1 (high band)
Desktop VHF Receiver
 Console II Console II
 FA-M61 FA-M61
Mobile CB | 60 channels
 FA-M21 FA-M21
Mobile CB | 60 channels
Mobile CB
 CB-6000 CB-6000
Mobile CB
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Rigs with uncertain manufacturing dates (like "19xx") are excluded from this page.